If your business is still using the old telephone system, then you are clearly missing out on the benefits of VOIP phone systems. In simple terms, the modern systems utilize the internet network thus calls are more faster and secure. Old telephone systems served their term and have no place in today's dynamic wold. Today, if you are not communicating with your customers via a number of channel, then you are likely going to be left behind as business happens at a much faster speed than before.The rest of the article showcases the 3 main advantages of IP based telephone systems. Hopefully, you can be able to make a switch if you've not done so already.




First and foremost the cost of calls over the internet is much cheaper than calls routed through landline networks. Calls are cheaper because the  internet is a single network unlike calls routed via the landline that depend on many networks. Also, the internet is a much secure network and also easy to maintain as such, the costs of calls is considerably lower. If you want to communicate effectively and cut down the cost of communication in your business, then these are the systems that you should invest in. Spending a lot of money on calls is not something efficient business should tolerate in this day and age. Instead the extra resources saved can be used to boost promotion or be put in research and development


More Options


Communicating using modern Sangoma IP PBX systems like VOIP systems is quite dynamic. If you invest in such systems, then you are going to benefit because you'll have more options unlike when using old systems. Some of the options that come with the modern telephone system include: voicemail, auto attendant, fax, teleconferencing, texting, email etc. These systems provide businesses with a solid communication channel that ever before. With such systems in place, your employees are likely to be more productive, something that can boost your overall bottom line.If you want a communication system that takes care of the  needs of business today, then you should put your money in IP based telephone systems.


Easy Set up And Maintenance


Easy configuration and maintenance is another benefit of IP phones from Yealink Distributor in Dubai. These phones don't require  experts  as any person can be able to set the system. Lastly maintenance these systems is also quite easy so you should purchase them as soon as possible.


If you intend to acquire VoIP services, it is essential that you'll obtain them from a very reputable company. Being able to work with a major Voice over Internet Protocol service provider assures that you'll get the best value from the big money you will be investing in the VoIP system and that each experience you will have with the telecoms company is a satisfying one. So, just how are you able to choose the right provider of such telephone systems? There are actually several techniques, such as understanding the right questions you should ask potential service providers.


If you ask prospective Voice Over IP companies the right questions, it will be possible to have an easier time evaluating whether or not a particular telecoms business is the correct one for you or not. So don't forget to inquire the following questions once you start looking for a provider of Voice over Internet Protocol services that you may want to deal with.


What are the places that the free VoIP telephone calls apply to?

You should not fail to ask potential providers of Yealink Voip Phones over IP systems regarding the places that the free VoIP calls apply to. Many companies of extremely low-cost VoIP services have a little range of places that you can call for free. However, the top telecom company handles far more ground, so that you can connect with a lot more locations.


Do you offer VoIP call services to conventional or cellular phones? If so, how much are the services?

The right providers of Voice over Internet Protocol services offer VoIP to VoIP calls totally free. And also being totally free, there's also no limit to the number of VoIP to VoIP telephone calls you can make when you use the telephone system given by the top telecommunications company. However what if you'll want to make a call to a traditional telephone line or to a cell phone number? Will you be capable of doing so with the selected Voice over Internet Protocol equipment?



This raises the significance of asking possible providers of pbx phones Voice over IP services as to whether or not they feature call services for a Voice over IP system to a conventional phone line or a cell phone number. Do not forget that not every people are selecting Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone systems, that is why your selected telecommunications platform should still be capable of making telephone calls to conventional or mobile phones.


When it comes to running a successful business, one must simply understand just how important it is to have a streamlined system of communication. Without which, the business is at major risks. For sure, there are some who do not know the essence of communication, however, research in corporates and businesses has shown that it is not mere communication that makes a difference in the life of a business, it is actually quality communication that keeps it alive. Below are some of the interesting phone systems that may be good to have in your office phone system.




A lot of individuals know some details to do with conferencing, which is offered by Sangoma Freepbx VOIP service. However, not everyone who is aware knows the advantage of the different features. One of these features is the conference flow monitor that allows you to mute individuals, manage invitation.


The Find Me Follow Me Routing Application


This IP TELEPHONES feature is a favorite of many. It is amazing because it allows you to pick up calls wherever you are. Yes, with the find me follow me, just like the name suggests, you can forward your calls to any of the devices you have that can accept answering of calls. This means that if you are not in the office, you can still be contacted at a different place, possibly one of your portable mobile business phones.


Auto Attendant


If you are running short on staff, this is one of the best features to have for your business. it is an automated voice of an attendant that allows your clients to be directed through certain processes on the call electronically without actually having to talk to a real person. The voice is prerecorded and the clients can find the help they need through this service, which is generally very effective. It will help you save time and effort and best of all, your business will definitely seem more professional and absolutely cooler.



It's clear to see just how important some of these systems can be to you. In fact, some of them are quite vital for the survival of your business. They will help you stay organized as well as enhance the communication structure of your business. if at all you are looking to buy a phone system for the office, consider buying VOIP phone systems with some of the above mentioned features.