When it comes to running a successful business, one must simply understand just how important it is to have a streamlined system of communication. Without which, the business is at major risks. For sure, there are some who do not know the essence of communication, however, research in corporates and businesses has shown that it is not mere communication that makes a difference in the life of a business, it is actually quality communication that keeps it alive. Below are some of the interesting phone systems that may be good to have in your office phone system.




A lot of individuals know some details to do with conferencing, which is offered by Sangoma Freepbx VOIP service. However, not everyone who is aware knows the advantage of the different features. One of these features is the conference flow monitor that allows you to mute individuals, manage invitation.


The Find Me Follow Me Routing Application


This IP TELEPHONES feature is a favorite of many. It is amazing because it allows you to pick up calls wherever you are. Yes, with the find me follow me, just like the name suggests, you can forward your calls to any of the devices you have that can accept answering of calls. This means that if you are not in the office, you can still be contacted at a different place, possibly one of your portable mobile business phones.


Auto Attendant


If you are running short on staff, this is one of the best features to have for your business. it is an automated voice of an attendant that allows your clients to be directed through certain processes on the call electronically without actually having to talk to a real person. The voice is prerecorded and the clients can find the help they need through this service, which is generally very effective. It will help you save time and effort and best of all, your business will definitely seem more professional and absolutely cooler.



It's clear to see just how important some of these systems can be to you. In fact, some of them are quite vital for the survival of your business. They will help you stay organized as well as enhance the communication structure of your business. if at all you are looking to buy a phone system for the office, consider buying VOIP phone systems with some of the above mentioned features.